A sweet new programming language

We need your help to make tulip a reality!

Tulip is a work-in-progress programming language that’s going to be super cool. To get started, watch our strangeloop talk:

In case you can’t watch the video right now, here’s a little example to whet your appetite:

@impl map f (xs:.cons _ _) = map-list f xs
@impl map f .nil = .nil

map-list f xs = {
  map-step (.nil) out = out
  map-step (.cons x xs) out = map-step xs (.cons (f x) out)
  map-step xs .nil > reverse

For more info, you can:

  • Read the pitch
  • Read the intro post
  • Browse or download the source
  • Join snek and chat in the #tulip channel
    • Note: if the inviter isn’t working, send an email to jneen at jneen dot net and i’ll invite you manually
  • Follow @tuliplang on twitter

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